Wizards (also called mages, charmcasters, jinxslingers, and magic-users) are a group of people that originally came from the Northern Islands and who have the ability to wield High Magic. Wizards can now be found though throughout the Seven Realms. Their seat of power is the Fells and they are one of the three political factions vying for control.

While all wizards are technically under the Naéming, this is usually only enforced in the Fells, as the Clans reside there to keep watch over them. Their cousins in the southern realms are discriminated against and, due to the Church of Malthus, regularly hunted down and executed by being burned alive at the stake. Gererad Montaigne was later convinced to spare some of the wizard "demons" and force them to accept a collar and serve as his weapons and slaves.

High Magic Edit

Wizards generate magic power that allow them to wield high magic, a more powerful, versatile, and destructive power then Clan magic. The power can "leak" from their skin and burn others if not under control of magical artifacts, usually amulets.

Healing Edit

High Magic is capable of healing, though it is different healing then the clans do. In order to heal, a wizard takes the patient's illness onto themselves and mends it with their magic. A wizard cannot heal themselves, only another, and it physically drains them. Many wizard healers are under such a strain their lifespan is shortened by their work.

Wizard healers look down on Clan herbal remedies, believing that it was difficult to predict the results the herbs would have. They call it "backwoods sorcery" and there are many wizards who would not take a potion for fear of being poisoned. Clan "meddling" with an illness or injury could make it more difficult for a wizard to diagnose and treat the problem.

History Edit

When wizards first came to the Fells, they established themselves as a monarchy, calling their leaders "Gifted Kings." After the events of the Breaking, the wizards lost a vast amount of the political and magical power they wielded and were placed under the command of the Grey Wolf Queens, much to their dismay and bitterness.