Wien House is the academy for warriors in Oden’s Ford. It lies on the side of Bridge Street opposite of the Mystwerk House and the Temple School.


Though of newer construction than that of Mystwerk's or the Temple School's, the buildings of Wien House are still hundreds of years old, built of the same gray stone as the other buildings. The warrior academy is a complex of buildings, consisting of parade grounds, weapon foundries, dormitories, stables, classroom buildings, and pastures for livestock.

Wien Hall is a large stone building at least three storeys tall, located next to the stables. The entrance hall has access to a storeroom containing sheets and blankets, and a long stone staircase leads up to a thick wooden door on the third floor at the top of the stairs.

The dormitories are less elaborate, more utilitarian. Grindell Hall is one of such exclusive for Wien House students.

Students and FacultyEdit

Applicants to Wien House are often interviewed, particularly those who seek special privileges, due to the sheer number of applicants the school receives from noble families that the school simply cannot accomodate. Newlings who manage to get in are mixed with cadets from different realms in dormitories and in classes.? Students of Wien House wear buff uniforms with drab colors that require washing nearly every day. Because of this, they are often nicknamed 'dirtbacks'.

Much of the first three years in the academy is physical training, including horsemanship, wayfinding, tracking, and survival skills. However, the school can be persuaded to offer courses out of their boundaries, such as military science, geography, diplomacy, history, and finance.

Lectures by the masters and deans are scheduled three times a week, with recitations every day that are moderated by proficients, who also led discussions and administered oral and written examinations.

List of FacultyEdit

Subjects OfferedEdit

  • Physical Training
  • Horsemanship
  • Wayfinding
  • Tracking
  • Survival Skills
  • Military Science
  • Geography
  • Diplomacy
  • History
  • Finance
  • Language

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