The Temple School is one of the many academies of Oden’s Ford, sharing the same side of the river as Mystwerk House and lying just across its quad. As the school is very competitive, it is very difficult to gain admission.


Like Mystwerk Hall, the Temple School appears to be one of the oldest buildings on the campus. It is a stone building with soaring towers, standing next to the river and surrounded by formal gardens and pavilions that line the waterside. The front of the building faces the temple quad, with an arched doorway leading to the sanctuary and classrooms.

The common room for the dormitory lies just beyond the side door off the porch. Several rooms have garden views, and there are wings that seperate the girls's dormitory from the guys'. A shallow staircase leads into a gallery that runs towards the back of the building. The gallery boasts marble floors, carved banisters, and high ceilings. Glittering crystal scounces on the walls burn continuously. The walls of the rooms are painted a deep blue, and each room has a large bed with a roof, covered in brilliant striped fabrics. Each room also has music stands, a desk, and a drawing table at a windowed alcove. A large bookcase leans against the left wall, and for garden view rooms, two tall doors lead into a balcony overlooking the gardens and the river. There is a closet down the hallway if more linens are necessary, along with the washrooms.

Students and FacultyEdit

Temple School students wear white robes, with some preferring white trousers and long overtunics split up each side. Newlings are sequestrated for a fortnight to think about their vocation.

School for Temple School students starts before sunrise, where they have to go for morning meditations. For hours after that, they take classes teaching reading, writing, and mathematics. After lunch, students partake in music, dance, and drawing classes.

Music classes comprises of choirs and recitals. Instruments of all sorts are offered to students, along with masters who can give them lessons on the respective instruments. Some masters give instruments to their students and allow them to keep it for as long as they remain schooling.

List of FacultyEdit

  • Dean Torchiere - Dean of the Temple School
  • Mistress Johanna - Teacher of Music
  • Annamaya Dubai - Proficient on domitory duty

Subjects OfferedEdit

  • Mathematics
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Drawing

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