Night Bird
Name: Night Bird
Full Name: Night Bird Demonai
Alias: Digging Bird, Bird
Gender: Female
Race: Clan, Fellsian
Status: Deceased
Family: Fire Dancer (Cousin), Willow Watersong (aunt)
Affiliation: Demonai Warrior
Partner: Hanson Alister (before), Nightwalker (Before)
Originally known as Digging Bird or just plain Bird, Night Bird is Hayden Fire Dancer's cousin. She is also childhood friends with Dancer and Alister.

Brief DescriptionEdit

She is described to have dark curls and eyes. She also has a quick temper that she grew into as she was said to be calmer in childhood.


When they were young, Bird and Han Alister had a short lived romance, but ended when Bird realized he was a Wizard, horrifying her. Bird most aspired to become a Demonai and achieves her goal. As the tensions in the series begins to rise, her role as a Demonai warrior begins to conflict with her beliefs. However, she must follow the orders of her superior, Reid, who claims to be her bed partner,  Nightwalker even if she knows she will end up hurting old friends. Later, she learns to become more independent, to think for herself as she becomes less enamoured in Nightwalker and more disillusioned with his ways. She does her own investigations, and realizes that it was Nightwalker who orchestrated the murders of the wizards and was responsible for assassinating Queen Marianna.  She goes to save Queen Raisa when Nightwalker attempts to kill her. Although Nightwalker mortally wounds her by throwing a knife at her throat, Bird fires two arrows into his back, thus ending his life before she herself succumbs to her wounds. She was later given the Demonai funeral procedures, reserved for the bravest of warriors.