Magic eaters are carnivorous but brilliant, jewel-toned songbirds with needle-sharp beaks, extravagantly long tails and plumages of red, emerald, sapphire, and bright yellow.

Their songs function like turtleweed - anyone who listens to their song will fall asleep. Though the birds usually sleep, should they awaken, the person who is passing through has to cover their ears and sing loud enough to drown out their song. They will eat any kind of flesh, but are especially fond of the gifted. Magic only fuels them, and they can pick a body clean in a matter of minutes.

The only known Magic Eaters were in the tunnel system of Gray Lady. They were placed there strategically by Alger Waterlow, around the time of the Breaking, to help guard any intruders in the Armory of the Gifted Kings.

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