Liam Tomlin is the prince of Tamron and one of Raisa ana' Marianna's former suitors. He has a sister named Marina.

Liam is described as looking similar to his sister. Both were tall with copper skin, being graceful and as fine-boned as racehorses. Raisa described Liam as having dark curly hair, a strong nose, and a brilliant smile. At the Bayar's Name Day party, he wore lots of silver with his black and white and looked requisite.

History Edit

The Demon King Edit

He is first seen at the name-day party for Micah and Fiona Bayar. Liam later charms Raisa with his good looks and personality.

The Gray Wolf Throne Edit

After Montaigne took control of Tamron Court, he captured Liam and Marina and imprisoned them in his castle's Keep, supposedly to protect them from assassins.