Jenna Bandelow is one of the protagonists in Flamecaster.

Early History Edit

Jenna is the daughter of a Delphi inn keeper and she's only known war in the flatlands waged by the ruthless King Gerard Montaigne. In his need to manufacture more weapons for a quarter century war, King Montaigne has ordered almost all able-bodied men and women work the dangerous mines. Mine Number One, as soon called by the miners suddenly explodes when Jenna was eleven. Because many died, Montaigne and his blackbirds force children to work alongside the remaining adults, including Jenna to mine Number Two. This is how she meets and befriends Maggie and Riley and for almost a year rides with them to work.

One day, a seemingly normal morning where all three were riding together, Riley proudly shows Jenna a red sheepskin coat he picked up from a dead man. She tells hime this is bad luck and shouldn't have done so. After a hard day's work, the king and queen decide to pay a visit to mine Number Two. Someone throws dung at the king. Enraged, he picks up tiny Maggie and demands the culprit to come forward and confess. When no one does, he breaks Maggie's neck, killing her like nothing. In blind rage, Jenna punches Montaigne two times, one in the nose, making him bleed.

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