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Hanalea ana'Maria was the last Gray Wolf Queen of the old line. Hailed as a saint for finishing off the Demon King and healing the world from the Breaking, Hanalea's memory is revered by many in the Seven Realms.

Her mother was Maria and her father was a wizard king of the Fells.

Name: Hanalea
Full Name: Hanalea ana'Maria
Alias: The Warrior Queen
Gender: Female
Status: Deceased
  • Maria ana'Regina (mother)
  • Alger Waterlow (husband)
  • Alyssa ana'Hanalea (daughter)
  • Raisa ana'Marianna (descendant)
  • Han Alister (descendant)
House: Grey Wolf Line
Affiliation: Grey Wolf Line
Partner: Alger Waterlow, Kinley Bayar, Lucas Fraser


Hanalea loved the gifted wizard Alger Waterlow. However, she was set to marry Kinley Bayar. At the begining of their relationship Alger and her secretly met each other on the Fellsmarch palace conservatory, or glass garden, at night.

Alger, however, told his best friend, Lucas Fraser, what they were doing. Lucas was secretly loved Hanalea. Lucas disliked that Alger and Hanalea got to be together, and so told the Bayars that they were seeing each other. The Bayars then restrained Hananlea to her rooms until she could marry Kinley Bayar. Luckily, Alger had planned for that, and had dug tunnels from Hanalea's room to the conservatory, so they could still meet.

Eventually, Alger found a speaker and they eloped. They escaped by using the tunnels under the Fells and traveled to stronghold on Gray Lady. There, Alger and Hanalea got married. It seemed like they would win, as they were well armed, well fortified, had the Armory of the Gifted Kings if they needed it, nearly all the young voices on the council.

Lucas betrayed them again, by showing their enemies how to get in. Their stronghold collapsed, Alger was taken, and she was set to marry Kinley Bayar once again. During that time, they tortured him, Hanalea had to hear his screams, which nearly drove her mad. When Alger died, they made Hanalea watch them tear him up. But things changed. The Breaking had started though Hanalea didn't know Alger had not been the cause of it. The world was ending and everyone was afraid.

Hanalea went to the clans, as they could heal the earth with green magic. They held negotiations and eventually the Clans agreed to help, though wizards would be restricted and clans would have more power. Hanalea was also pregnant with Alger's children; only Lucas knew that they were Alger's. Because if this, Lucas asked Hanalea if they could get married. That way no one would know that the kids were Alger's children, and he seemed like a friend, so she agreed on the condition that Lucas would kill Kinley Bayar. When her kids were born, she loved and doted on them, and named them Alister and Alyssa.

This enraged Lucas enough that he told the clan elders who her children's father was. Furious, the clan elders planned to kill both children, but Hanalea intervened and negotiated for Alister to be taken away but be well cared for, as he was gifted, and for Alyssa to be heir to the Gray Wolf throne. She went to visit Alister in disguise. She lived to an old age and after she died, became a prophecy wolf.

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