Hanalea "Hana" ana'Raisa was the princess heir of the Queendom of the Fells and the firstborn child of Raisa ana'Marianna and Han Alister.

She was killed in a battle with Ardenian soldiers along with her bonded captain, Simon Byrne and Fellisian soldiers in battle when she was 20 years old. She was the elder sister of Adrian sul'Han (Ash) and Alyssa "Lyss" ana'Raisa.

King Montaigne ordered for her severed head to be fetched; then he sent it to Raisa in an ornately decorated casket.

Hana ana'Raisa
Name: Hana ana'Raisa
Full Name: Hanalea ana'Raisa
Alias: Hana
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Mixed
Status: Deceased
  • Raisa ana'Marianna (mother)
  • Han Alister (father)
  • Adrian "Ash" sul'Han (brother)
  • Alyssa "Lyssa" ana'Raisa (sister)
  • Marianna ana'Lyssa (grandmother)
Affiliation: Grey Wolf Line

Queendom of the Fells

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