Gerard is the youngest Montaigne out of the five brothers and is the current king of Arden. Gerard is known as a ruthless, wicked person, and Raisa greatly despises him. Gerard overthrew the Tomlins in Tamron after he kidnapped the Bayar twins, and attempted to kidnap Raisa. Gerard later killed his brother Geoff and his entire family, then crowned himself the ruler of Arden and Tamron.

He is humiliated by Raisa publicly refusing his hand in marriage at the princess's coronation ball.

Twenty-five Years Later Edit

Montaigne has waged a quarter century war that have left the flatlands to be a shadow of what used to be. He uses his blackbirds to arbitrarily enforce the king's every whim,be it through impunity, corruption, torture or murder. Quality of life has fallen in Arden; food is now scarce, Delphi has a permanent black stench from the mines that seems to seep into the skin, good fortune is hard to come by.

He murders Maggie in front of the whole mine at Delphi, ensuing chaos, killing Riley and setting up the chain of events for Jenna's revenge. He is initially presumed to order Hana's death to break Queen Raisa's heart. He is killed later by Adrian sul'Han.