The Fells are one of the Seven Realms. They were conquered by wizards from the Northern Islands and ruled for a long, but unspecified time, by the Gifted Kings. The entire continent was called the Fells. The last of these Gifted Kings was Alger Waterlow, who was blamed for causing the Breaking and for kidnapping Hanalea. After the Breaking was stopped by the Clans, Hanalea's descendants, the Grey Wolf Line, were established as queens. During the chaos of the Breaking, the southern lands declared independence from the Fells and thus the continent was broken into the Seven Realms.

The capital is Fellsmarch.

Leadership Edit

Fells is a Queendom ruled by queens, despite the southern kingdom's attempts to call it a Kingdom. The men the queen marry are called "royal consorts" and are not considered kings. Southerns, particularly those who follow the Church of Malthus, consider the queens witches and seducers.

Council of Regents Edit

Nicknamed the Queen's Council, this is a council that serves as personal advisers to the Queen. They typically sat on a dais and would allow certain petitioners to speak with them. The Queen's Blooded Captain of the Wolves would also be present at the Queen's side though technically didn't have a seat.

Positions Edit

  • High Wizard, representing the wizarding population
  • General of the Highlander Army, representing the army
  • Head of the Council of Nobles, representing the noble-born Valefolk
  • Representative of the Spirit Clans
  • Speaker of the Cathedral Temple, representing the religion
  • Ruling Queen or Regent

Fells Edit

Fells is comprised of three factions: Clan, Wizard, and Valefolk, and it is the queen's job to maintain balance and prevent these three factions from declaring war on each other. This is especially difficult between the Clans and Wizards. The current queen is Raisa ana'Marianna.