Elena Cennestre Demonai is mother to Averill Demonai and grandmother to Raisa ana'Marianna and Mellony ana'Mariana. She is also the matriarch of Demonai Camp and is a skilled flashpiece crafter who made Dancer and Han's amulets. She created the cuffs that she would eventually use to seal away Han's magic when he was born in order to hide his heritage and allow the clans to watch over him.

She, like the clans, despises and distrust wizards.

Family Edit

  • Averill Demonai (son)
  • Marianna ana'Lissa (daughter in law)
  • Raisa (granddaughter)
  • Mellony (granddaughter)
  • Han Alister (grandson in law)
  • Hana (great-granddaughter)
  • Ash (great-grandson)
  • Lyssa (great-granddaughter)