Edon Byrne
Name: Edon Byrne
Age: Middle-aged
Gender: Male
Race: Fellsian
Status: Deceased
Family: Amon Byrne (son),
Hair Color: TBC
Eye Color: TBC
Affiliation: Server and Bound Protector of the Gray Wolf Line
Partner: Marianna ana'Lissa

Edon Byrne is the father of Amon Byrne. He was introduced early into the series as the captain of the Queen's Guard. He is first seen in action in The Demon King, when getting the Queen's hunting party (Gavan Bayar, Micah Bayar, Arkeda Mander, Miphis Mander, Raisa ana'Marianna, Mellony ana'Marianna and Queen Marianna ana'Lissa herself) off the mountain. However, although the Princess Heir believes that he should have taken the credit for the event, the High Wizard (Gavan Bayar) and his relations do so instead because they used their magic to drive the forest fire away.

Later on in the first installment, he takes a smaller though just as powerful role as his character does a lot of behind the scene work. Edon's actions are shown most through the actions of his son, Amon. When a member of the Queen's Guard, Mac Gillan is shown to have overly violent and without honour of any kind, he attempts to have him tossed out of the Guard. But as Mac Gillan has influential higher connections he is unable to do so. Instead, Mac Gillan is later transferred to a post on the fringes of the Fells. It is hinted that it may be his work as his son mentioned this possible way of ridding the capital of the Mac Gillan.

Unfortunately, he dies in The Gray Wolf Throne when escorting the Princess Heir back to the Fells, who nearly dies herself from a poisoned arrow. However, Alister comes along and takes her to Marisa Pines camp, risking his own life to save her as he opens himself to her magically.

Edon makes his final debut in The Crimson Crown, as Raisa holds a funeral for him and sets his ashes alongside Marianna's body to protect her forever.


  • Edon is thought to have a secret, one-way relationship with Queen Marianna.

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