The Demonai,  or Clans, is a culture of the Fells. They have their own language and traditions, and due to their unique way of using green magic and flashcrafting, they guard their way of life jealously. They inhabit different camps in  the Spirit mountains, but have their capital and seat at Demonai Camp where their matriarch and patriarch mostly reside. MatriarchS have included Elena Cannestre Demonai, and patriarchs have included Averill Lightfoot Demonai and Reid Nightwalker.

Due to their green magic and way with herbal healing, along with their demonization by the wizards in Fellsmarch and all over the Seven Realms, they are seen as inferior, scary and mystical.

History Edit

The Clans have existed in the Fells for thousands of years, along with the Valefolk and wizards. They have taken pivotal roles thought the history of the northern realm ever since the days when most of the continent was under Fellisian control.

It is revealed that they had a hand in deciding the Grey Wolf Line of succession after the Breaking. By elevating Alyssa ana'Hanalea to the throne and henceforth making the firstborn female the princess heir, and hiding Alister sul'Alger and his gift to the world, the Clan prevented the marriage of queen and wizards for a thousand years and putting an email delivery to king wizards.

Culture Edit

The Demonai have their own language, described by Raisa as sounding so much formal than Common the tongue of the Seven Realms. They give their own names to people, disregarding their Common names:

  • Raisa: Briar Rose
  • Han: Hunts Alone

Many Clan people are traders and trader warriors. As such, their unique artifacts and items of clothing are widly sought after. They have distinct clothes and fabric marks that are immediately recognized by anyone in the continent. Dresses, cloaks and even knife sheaths are all decorated to honor the mountains, the Maker and their way of life, most made if deerskin.

Demonai Warriors, who were revered for their honor and loyalty to the crown.

Weddings and funerals are celebrated in a particular fashion.

Wizards Edit

They are very much despised by the wizards, a feeling that the Clans reciprocate. Both groups distrust each other, willing to accuse the other of murder, conspiracy and thievery among other atrocities with no provocation.

Even though their healing abilities, such as those of Willo Waterston on Marisa Pines Camp are superb and highly sought after, are considered mediocre at best, accused of poison at worst.

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