The Church of Mathus is the newly appointed state religion of the empire of Arden, established by King Gerard Montaigne in an effort to further submit his conquered realms and to diminish the Fellisian religion of the Maker as witchcraft. This is also a convenient tool to persecute remaining wizards in the flatlands.

Followers of the church were misogynistic, calling women "changeable" and untrustworthy. Women are not permitted to learn combat or serve in any sort of military fashion. Thus, the only female students of the Wien House at Oden's Ford are from northern lands, mostly the Fells. Women were also not permitted to be religious priests, and could only pray, sing, and do "good works." Religious members dressed in plain black, and Han likened them to flocks of crows.

Devotees Edit

Devotees follow The Book of Malthus, the sacred text, and their mission is to rid the world of sorcery. They pray to Saint Malthus.

Wizards are considered evil demons. The only thing that can be done to aid those touched by it, the only way to save them, was to burn them alive in the name of Saint Malthus. Father Fossnaught took a radical view by claiming wizards could be saved by submitting to restraining collars and serving as the Church's magical weapons, instead of just by burning. He called them disgusting creatures, but thought they could be put to use, once properly retrained, and that simply burning them was rather short-sighted. Gerard Montaigne was reluctant to use wizards, fearful that trusting them "would blow up in their faces." He had little understanding of magic as he suggested killing wizards and simply keeping the amulets, unaware the two needed to work together.

Malthus friars are also in charge of the kingdom's registry, documenting every birth, class not withstanding.

Darian Guild Edit

The Darian Guild are mage hunters, thirsty for literally drinking the blood of wizards. They seek out a mage target, do away with their amulets, place a Darian stone of their chests that absorbs all the wizards remaining flash, while also paralyzing get them. They then begin a ritual of sacrifice, making a gouge in the wizard's arm and letting them bleed out while the member of the guild drink the blood.