Averill Lightfoot Demonai is a trader and a Demonai warrior. He is also the Patriach of the Demonai Clan. Averill married Queen Marianna ana'Lissia. Within their marriage, Marianna and Averill had two girls, Raisa and Mellony.

Averill is requently out on trading buisness, and despite his marrige to the Queen, he often stays with the Clans. After Marianna's death, Averill encouraged a match between Nightwalker Demonai and Raisa ana'Marianna. Averill stated he didn't want to remarry as he was "growing old" and said he needed to name an heir to the Clan Royalty.

Though Raisa is already Queen of the Fells, and since Mellony refuses to step foot into the Clans, Averill named Nightwalker as heir to the Demonai Cla Royalty.

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