The Armory of the Gifted Kings is a store of powerful magical weapons that was owned and hidden by Alger Waterlow. As the last of the gifted kings, Alger held the Armory in his possession. The armory is hidden deep within Hanalea, behind an arched wooden door reinforced with metal.

Within the armory lie wands, staffs, eyepieces, ornate swords, daggers, armor, amulets, talismans, goblets and drinking cups inscribed with runes. Other pieces of magical artifacts include jinxpieces of all kinds, from tiaras to belts, from torcs to rings and bracelets. There are smoky crystal scrying glasses on the tables, and crystal decanters holding mysterious potions in lurid colors, alongside jars of powders and pastes. The shelves of the armory are piled with masks, cloaks, and clothing, while mirrors and painted panels and elaborate cages with nothing in them line the walls. Bolts of cloth shot with silver and gold stand in bins next to shelves of books and scrolls. Han describes the armory as a glittering underground treasure vault of thousands of magical pieces that could outfit an army.

The Armory of the Gifted Kings also holds the legendary artifact, the Crimson Crown, which has been worn by every gifted king since the wizards first arrived on the mainland of the Seven Realms.