Arden is a country that was once ruled by the Fells. It is the largest kingdom in the Seven Realms, second only to the Queendom, and is situated to the east of Tamron, with direct access to the Indio Ocean. The capital of Arden is Ardenscourt.

Civil WarEdit

After the death of the Ardenine King, the Montaigne brothers: Henri, Geoff, Gerard, and Godfrei, argued who was the true heir to the Arden throne. This caused a huge dispute, leading to a civil war on. During the war, it is know that Henri, Geoff, and Godfrei are killed. It is unknown how Henri and Godfrei died, but it is presumed they were killed by one of the other brothers armies. Geoff took over Arden temporarily, and planned to attend Raisa's corination, but was killed along with his whole family by Gerard's army.

Tamron WarEdit

During the civil war, Gerard invades Tamron, and along the way nearly kidnaps Raisa, and sucsessfuly takes the Bayar Twins, but murders Wil Mathers in cold blood during the process, Raisa escapes, and Gerard proceeds to invate Tamron Court. Gerard believes Raisa is inside, and holds off killing everyone, but then goes through a blood shead, and overthrows the Tomlins.

Fellsian WarEdit

Soon after the civil war, Arden attacks the Fells, something Queen Raisa predicted. The Fellsian War was won by the Fells with difficulty as the Fellsian general, Bron Klemath, had turned traitor and had the Fellsian army, comprised mostly of mercenaries loyal only to coin, fight on the side of King Gerard.