Amon Byrne
Gender: Male
Affiliated With: Gray Wolf Line
Relations: Edon Byrne (father)
Ira Byrne (brother)
Lydia Byrne (sister)
Annamaya Dubai (wife)
Silva Byrne (son)
Simon Byrne (son)
Lila Byrne (daughter)
Donnell Graves (brother-in-law)
Dwitte Byrne (ancestor)
Gideon Byrne (ancestor)
Lila Byrne (ancestor)
Aliases: Corporal Byrne
Physical Appearance
Eye Color: Gray
Hair Color: Black
Chronological Appearances
First Appeared In: The Demon King
Last Appeared In: The Crimson Crown
Status: Alive

Amon Byrne is the son of Edon Byrne and Captain of the Queen's Guard, Amon Bryne is also the commander of the Gray Wolves and a cadet at Wien House at Oden’s Ford.


Amon is greatly concerned with Raisa ana'Marianna's safety, and would do anything to protect her. Like his father before him (towards Marianna ana'Lissa), he also harbors romantic feelings for Raisa, even though he was aware that he could never be with her. Despite his affection for Raisa, Amon is also very blunt and straight to the point. He does not like the fact that Raisa had a secret tunnel to move about the castle. He occasionally is very forceful, especially where Raisa's safety is concerned, threatening to harm those who threatened Raisa's safety. He is a stickler for the rules, as shown when he forced Mac Gillen to stop his actions because they were violating the rules of the Queen's Guard.