Aerie House
Wizard House: Aerie
Wizard Crest: Stooping falcons
Current Head: Gavan Bayar
Magical Members: Kinley Bayar, Gavan Bayar, Micah Bayar, Fiona Bayar, Hayden Fire Dancer
The Aerie House is a powerful wizarding house that has been around since before the Breaking. Their wizard crest is the image of stooping falcons.

The main members of the Aerie House are the Bayar family. They include Gavan Bayar, Micah Bayar, Fiona Bayar, as well as their ancestor, Kinley Bayar. Hayden Fire Dancer is genetically a member of the Bayar family, and though he does not want anything to do with them, is still by extension part of Aerie House.

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