Introduced in The Exiled Queen, Aediion is the world of dreams and the meeting place of wizards. It is an enticing place, because skilled charmcasters are able to shape that world to their hopes and desires. It is also possible to get lost in it and never return to the real world, or be trapped if the charmcaster's amulet runs out of stored power. If killed in Aediion, the charmcaster dies in real life. However, only magic can kill in Aediion; everything else, such as conjured weaponry, are mere illusions.

With proper training, support from a powerful amulet and a close connection with another person, it is possible to communicate across distances. It is also possible to bring others into Aediion if the wizard has a powerful amulet and a large reserve of magic. However, many wizards do not believe Aediion exists due to many failed attempts to access the world. Remaining in Aediion for fifteen minutes is already a very remarkable feat for a newling wizard at Mystwerk, in addition to draining a prodigious amount of magical power. Wizards who are successful in entering Aediion eventually learn to leverage their power, allowing them to stay within the realm for hours in a single visit.