Adam Gryphon is the son of Farrold Gryphon. His parents are said to have despised his physical appearance and simply hoped that he would grow to become very powerful politically; though that of course was not the case. He escaped to Oden's Ford and becomes a wizard teacher there, despite being only three or four years older than the newling students. Adam is shy and not good with words; he often ends up insulting people he is around. Later, he returns to the Fells to take his family's seat on the Wizard Council.

Adam has an acid tongue and prefers the company of books. He seems to have a crush on Fiona Bayar earlier in the series, though it turns out that was just an act. He ends up loving Mordra DeVilliers, and they both favor Hanson Alister in the Wizard Council.


Adam is wizard with a handsome face that Han describes as a poor match for his crippled, graceless body. He has cinnamon hair, pale skin, and startling, blue-green eyes. Because the accident in his childhood that left his legs shriveled, Adam has to move around with the help of crutches or a wheeled chair.